The DABA type varnish glazer is meant for glazing plates with nitrocellulose, polyester, water, and pigmented varnishes. The glazer can be installed in a varnishing-drying line or it can be plugged into a socket.

Acharacteristic feature of DABA type glazers are the slide-out supply systems. Such systems are composed of the: head, tank, gutter and a hydraulic varnish circulation system. The DABA – II – 130 varnish glazer has two supply systems, whereas the DABA – I – 130 glazer has one. The glazer’s supporting structure is made up of frames, composed of three segments (DABA – II) connected to two segments (DABA – I) on a side. Rollers and conveyor belts can be found in the frame. The conveyor is powered by an electric motor through variable transmission and a belt. The slide-out supply system makes it possible to quickly replace it during cleaning or varnish change.

Maximum width of conveyed elements mm 1300 1300
Minimal length of coated elements mm 380 380
Length of head slit mm 1350 1350
Work height (distance from floor to table) mm 850 850
Number of heads qt 1 2
Head lift height mm 200 200
Width of head slit mm 0-3,5 0-3,5
Rate of advance m/min 30-120 30-120
Varnish tank capacity dcm3 60 60
Placement range g/m2 70-700 70-700
Pump output with viscosity 30 – 50 s Ford Ø 4 dmc3/min 30 30
Power of pump electric motor kW 1,1 2x1,1
Power of conveyor drive motor kW 1,5 2,2
Glazer mass kg 1300 2100
Maximum overall dimenisons (length x width x height) mm 3550x2310x1410 4910x2310x1410


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