The DFPS recess milling machine for folding stair side surfaces is a specialized machine for milling recesses in the side surface of folding stairs for dovetail joints with steps.
The base of the machine is a welded steel body made from steel sections on which four milling units, a table with a regulated working angle, and a unit of pneumatic pressure pads for immobilization of the machined detail have been mounted. Working motions are performed by means of a servo-motor, positioning motions are realized by means of pneumatic actuators, and electrical apparatus is located in a box next to the machine and in a box permanently fastened to the body. The machine is equipped with four working spindles - type KRS 50.00-11-2D (PERSKE) with a nominal power of 4 kW and a rotating speed of - 17,500 rpm. Fastening of the spindles on the dovetail makes it possible to correct positioning and to set milling depth. The nominal distance between spindle axes is 250 mm. A small correction of this distance is possible - 10 mm. All fastening and locking mechanisms and protective inserts are fastened on a working support.

The working support is blocked against switching to the left or right side processing mode. Regulation of the milling angle in the range of 60÷75° takes place through manual correction of the angle of the central support. Changing the milling system from the left side processing mode to the right takes place through automatic turning of the working support and manual blocking.

The machine operates in an automatic cycle, which starts after the processed material is pushed to the fixed bases. The material is automatically clamped and processing takes place, after which the material is released. Processing time for one element ≈ 7s.



Working height mm 950 + 50
Width of side surface mm 80 - 100
Installed power kW 16,4
Working air pressure MPa 0,2
Exterior dimensions (length x width x height) mm 1,9/1,5/1,6
Extraction installation mm Ø 125
Electrical supply V AC 3/N/PE, 400V 50Hz
Control voltage V DC 24

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