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The NKP-180 two-sided four-cylinder glue spreader serves for two-sided spreading of polyurethane glue. The cylinder glue spreader can operate as an independent machine or (after disassembly of the front protective frame) as a machine in a process line.

The machine consists of two (upper and lower) glue spreading units. The spreading cylinder and metal dosing cylinder are heated to a temperature that can be regulated up to +85 C. Each cylinder has its own independent drive. The space between contacting cylinders and the sealing side inserts forms a reservoir from which glue, regulated by a gap, is spread onto the surface of the rotating spreading cylinder and from there onto panel elements. There is a mechanism for setting the gap between the upper and lower spreading cylinders on the side surface of the body. Control of the gap setting mechanism and of gaps between the dosing and spreading cylinders of the upper and lower set takes place mechanically.


Minimum length of coated elements mm 400
Thickness of coated elements mm 2,5-50
Positioning accuracy mm +/- 0,015
Working width of cylinders mm 1800
Diameter of spreading cylinders mm 250
Diameter of dosing cylinders mm 210
Cylinder weight kg 1700
Speed of the gap setting system mm/s 0,25
Regulated, stepless working rate m/min 4-18
Minimum amount of spread glue for glue viscosity of 50 – 70 s (Ford cup Ø 7.0 mm) g/m2 30
Installed power kW 2,5
Supply voltage V AC 3x400/50Hz
Control voltage V DC 24


Special model (the machine may be equipped with):

  • A system for glue level control in the gap between cylinders along with a glue supply system,
  • Electronic reading of settings of the gap between cylinders,
  • Automatic setting of the gap between cylinders, with a memory of 10 programmed settings,
  • The spreader may be equipped with a cylinder heating or cooling system.


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