Category: II - Glue applier

The device is intended for two-sided coating elements and blockboards, and flat elements during veneering. The essential unit of the device is set with rubber coated rolls. Each roll spreads the glue separately. On the surfaces of cylindrical rubber coated rolls are incised grooves in the form of a helix, with the stroke and depth depending on intended use. The pivots of rolls are the bearing-mounted on both sides in the self-aligning ball bearings embedded in the sliding bearing brackets. With every roll is placed tray, fulfilling the role of glue tank. Outflow gap of glue is adjustable using the screws with palm grip hand knob. The size of the throughput of the gap between the rolls is adjusted using the lifting mechanism. The drive of rolls is obtained by using separate gear-motors on each shaft.
In the right body of the device is located the electrical box, together with the control panel. The device is also equipped with a knee safety switch, placed in the form of an arm, running along the device from the inlet side. The device can work individually or in processing/machining line.


The minimum length of coated elements mm 700
Thickness of coated elements mm 3-100
The working width of the rolls mm 300
The diameter of the roll for overlapping glue mm 300
Working height mm 860
Roll weight kg 250
Working speed, adjustable, stepless m / min 30-50
The minimum size of the glue application when the glue viscosity is 50 – 70 s (Ford viscosity cup is Ø 7.0mm) g / m2 85
Installed power kW 0,74
Supply voltage V AC 3x400/50Hz
Control voltage V DC 24



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