The DPŁ arc pneumatic press is designed for connecting diagonally milled ends of wooden elements into one whole, being an end product for the making of arched elements. The press consists of a table made from closed sections and two bodies (one is movable). A pneumatic actuator for the clamping of wooden elements is attached to each body.

The movable body is moved by means of a pneumatic actuator. The amount of movement of the movable body is adjusted by a regulating screw. A pneumatic actuator for the lowering and lifting of the flat bar, which is the base forming the surface of gluing for wooden elements, is located on the stationary body. Three pneumatic dividers control the pneumatic actuators.


Maximum height of glued elements mm 100
Maximum working pressure MPa 0,6
Pneumatic Actuators D 200x30
D 100x80
D 25x80
Machine dimensions (length x width x height) mm 1020x760x1560
Appliance mass kg 450


Opis PL 1
Opis EN 1
Opis RU 1


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