The DKB pneumatic section press is meant for gluing wooden elements under a specified pressure. The applied constructional solution makes it possible to glue elements according to thickness and width, including the obtainment of elements such as a "table top." The loading space for glued elements is located between the pressure plate and movable pressure strips. On account of the varying lengths of glued elements, the press construction enables the lateral sliding of pressure strips in the range of ±80mm and gluing elements under one actuator with two pressure strips.

The element's length is then about 200mm. Presses with 2 to 6 sections are manufactured. Control elements: each section consists of three actuators controlled by one distributor. Each actuator is equipped with a cutoff valve on the feed side. Pressure strips are hung on round slide bearings and blocked /when closing field/ with the lower round bar, thanks to a rotating clamp with a lever. At the recipient’s request, other configurations of actuator control elements can be manufactured, depending on the length of glued elements.

Actuator Vertical clamping (3 per section) mm Ø 100x150
Horizontal clamping (2 per section + 1) mm Ø 50x50
Sliding pressure strips (with a range of) mm +/- 80
- possibility of turning off power to each actuator
- manual distributors
- one distributor controls three actuators
Maximum loading space height mm 1100 (1300-optional)
Maximum glued element width mm od 10 do 45
Maximum air pressure MPa 0,8
L x W x H dimensions (DKB5), (DKB4), (DKB3), (DKB2) mm 740x2160 x (5440), (4390), (3340), (2290)


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