XII - Conveyors

The automatic WZ-R Loading and Unloading Truck is a device for automation of pallet management processes. It is applied for automation of loading and unloading of process lines as well as in advanced warehouse management.

Parameters of the loading and receiving line of the belt frame saw are adapted to each customer's individual needs.The PEK short element feeder serves for mechanical pushing of wood elements during processing.

All technical parameters: conveyor width, length, height, installed power, roller type, load, etc. according to individual establishment with the client.

Driven PT belt conveyors are designed for the two-way transport of mainly wooden elements: strips, sawn timber, solid and glued square-sawn timber.

PŁLD chain feeder is intended for a single delivery of boards placed in the dispenser.

PKS cross conveyor for planing machine is a device used to automate the process of feeding the elements for the planing machine in the technological process. The device provides continuity of feeding the elements forehead on the forehead.

Przenośnik krzyżowy do strugarki PKDS jest to urządzenie służącze do automatyzacji procesu podawania elemetów do strugarki w procesie technologicznym. Urządzenie zapewnia ciągłość podawania elemetów czoło w czoło. W skład PKDS przenośnika wchodzi przenośnik paskowy PP-1.5m oraz przenośnik  taśmowy PT-2.5m.