V - Mounting devices

The DKRC furniture assembly clamp is designed for the assembly of glued furniture elements. The body is welded from steel sections which ensure the machine’s stiffness.

The HSMK hydraulic clamp is a machine that makes final assembly (full clamping) of a firstly tenoned chair frame.

The HSRO hydraulic clamp is a machine that makes possible the mechanical assembly of all rectangular and one-sidedly skewed (special make) frame constructions, especially those of windows and doors of various dimensions, with minimal rearming times.

The OSMF rotating pneumatic press for the assembly of furniture frontage makes it possible to mechanically assemble furniture frontage from MDF boards using peg gluing technology.

The frontage assembly press is designed for the gluing of frontages (wooden elements) on two independent pneumatic assembly tables.

The staircase assembly clamp DSMS-5 is an appliance that makes the mechanical installation of steps in staircases with side surfaces possible, with a minimal exchange of die time.

The HSRD hydraulic press is a machine for pressing glued door frames and other frames of similar dimensions during assembly.