The staircase assembly clamp DSMS-5 is an appliance that makes the mechanical installation of steps in staircases with side surfaces possible, with a minimal exchange of die time.

The machine’s supporting structure is a steel body built from specially shaped sheets. After welding, the body has a worked surface that serves as a base for installation of subassemblies of the clamp. The steps of the installed staircase are pushed in by a set of drawers moved by the pusher rollers. Pusher movement is made possible by a combination of a cylindrical gear and a trapezoidal screw. All pushers are mechanically synchronized; hence all drawers are also synchronized. The appliance is equipped with a slidable base making it possible to install steps in varying distances from the beginning of the side surface. A PLC microprocessor controller operates the clamp’s work. The appliance is equipped with a frequency converter making it possible to regulate the rotational speed of the driving motor and along with it, the clamping speed. A pneumatic system, enabling the regulation of clamping power, is equipped with sensors making work impossible should the clamping be incorrect.

Technical and Operational Data:
Scale mm 250
Step inclination deg. 20
Maximum amount of installed steps qt. 5
Amount of pneumatic actuators:
- horizontal clamp
- vertical clamp
Noise level dB 83
Installed power kW 1,5
Working voltage V 3/N/PE, 400V 50Hz
Control voltage V 24
Appliance mass kg 400


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Opis EN 1
Opis RU 1
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