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In recent years, there has been dynamic development in gluing and enriching technologies for wood or wood derivative surfaces using ecological products such as oil or wax, both in the scope of advances in materials and in innovative technical solutions. To respond to these new solutions, the FAMAD company presents the fully automated LUP-O line for oiling, waxing, or wax oiling.

Oiling and waxing are very popular methods for protecting floors. Oil is an ecological solution, and another layer is not formed on the floor because oil penetrates into the wood and impregnates it. Waxing has a similar effect, protecting against the penetration of water. This solution allows a wood floor to maintain its natural properties. These floors are suitable for rooms with more intensive traffic such as e.g. halls, corridors, entrances to apartments. An oil coat can be stained in many colors, darkened, or the effect of a bleached floor can be achieved

The LUP-0 line consists of:

a) a mesh conveyor equipped with an infrared heater with a power of 2 x 2 kW, equipped with a heating power regulator for the purpose of achieving the appropriate temperature of wood element surfaces

b) two cylinder oil (wax) spreader

c) belt conveyor with side bases for uniform transport of elements and built-on elements for uniform spreading and rubbing in of oil :

  • two pad type elements fastened on velcro straps making fast and easy replacement possible,

    Photo Pad type elements
  • cylindrical brush facilitating rubbing in of the oil (wax) and achievement of the appropriate surface struct



Max. dimensions of the input element (height x width x length) mm 40x400x2500
Working width mm 400
Working height mm 850
Total line length mm 8615
Element heating temperature (regulated by the heating power controller) oC 35-40
Amount of applied oil g/m2 10-25
Operating advance rate (regulated) m/min. 7,5 - 24
Rotational speed of spreading elements
- pads
- brush


Installed power kW 7
Electrical supply V AC 3/N/PE, 400 V50 Hz
Control voltage V DC 24
Noise levels dBA 72
Line weight kg 600
Opis PL 1
Opis EN 1
Opis RU 1