The HSPP hydraulic press is used in the new technology of gluing under high pressure exerted by hydraulic actuators reaching 1,4 MPa (14 kG/cm2). The elements glued are mainly: two-layered wood flooring, floorboards, and others. Gluing is done under high pressure from the hydraulic actuators. The pile of glued elements is formed by the hydraulic pressing between the actuator beams and the lower stopping beams. The heavy, durable construction and large actuators guarantee the excellent quality of glued products. Gluing by thickness allows the shaping of any profile, lowers the cost of working, and decreases the amount of scrap material.


Dane techniczno - eksploatacyjne
Amount of loading fields mm 3(1x1260 + 2x510) (*)
Maximum strip width mm 400 (*)
Loading field dimensions:
- loading height
- board length in one field


max 450
1260 + 2x510
Amount of actuators per field: mm Ø 140x300 - qt. 4 + 2x qt. 2
Range of attained pressing force (per one actuator): kN vertical 200 (when pressure reaches 14Mpa)
Recommended working pressure MPa 8,0 – 14,0 (depending on wood type and board dimensions)
Installed power kW 7,5
Electric supply V AC 3/N/PE, 400V 50Hz
Control voltage V DC 24
Appliance mass kg 7000

(*) – the amount of loading fields, their length, and board width can be adjusted according to negotiation with the client.

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